COSMOS 2017: Guest Speakers

There has been a long and cherished history with COSMOS and Midlands Astronomy Club in bringing the best speakers in their field to COSMOS, from around Ireland and outside of it.

Prof. Nigel Henbest

Nigel Henbest

Astronomer and Science Populariser and Writer
Title TBA

Mr. Joe McCauley

Joe McCauley

School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin
"Observing the Universe from Birr - from the Leviathan to LOFAR"

Dr. Mary Bourke

Mary Bourke

Department of Geology at Trinity College Dublin and Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Insitute
"Recent Flooding On Mars"

Dr. Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey

Irish Space Writer, Author and Broadcaster
"Soviet Lunar Exploration"

Mr. Michael O'Connell

Michael O'Connell

Astronomer, Astrophotographer and Observer
Title TBA

Mr. Ivan Merrick

Ivan Merrick

Solar Astronomer, Midlands Astronomy Club
Title TBA

Mr. Stephen Corcoran

Stephen Corcoran

K-Tec Telescopes
The Wonderful World of Meteorites

Mr. Seanie Morris

Seanie Morris

Lecturer, Radio Presenter and Outreach Co-Ordinator, Midlands Astronomy Club
Make and Launch A Rocket Workshop (for kids)!

The programme of events includes these lecturers interpseresed with tea and coffee breaks, exhibits, astro buy and sell, rocket launches, and evening activities such as the Cosmic Dinner, Astro Table Quiz and (weather depending) observing.