COSMOS 2018: Guest Speakers

There has been a long and cherished history with COSMOS and Midlands Astronomy Club in bringing the best speakers in their field to COSMOS, from around Ireland and outside of it.

Dr. Jonathan Mackey

Jonathan Mackey

Dublin Institute of Adavnced Studies
"Shaping of bright gas nebulae by massive stars"

Mr. Terry Mosely

Terry Mosely

OBE, Irish Astronomical Association
"Our Sun: Friend Or Foe"

Mr. Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan

Space Author and Writer
"Big Data, Big Universe"

Dr. Michael Gibbons

Michael Gibbons

"The Newgrange Lightbox Decoded"

Dr. Cormac O’Raifeartaigh

 Cormac O’Raifeartaigh

Physicist, Waterford Institute of Technology
"Einstein, Hawking and the Big Bang"

Mr. Emmet Mordaunt

Emmet Mordaunt

Astronomer, Midlands Astronomy Club
Title TBA

Mr. Declan Molloy

Declan Molloy

Astronomer, Midlands Astronomy Club
"An Alien Ate My Lunch!"

The programme of events includes these lecturers interpseresed with tea and coffee breaks, exhibits, astro buy and sell, rocket launches, and evening activities such as the Cosmic Dinner, Astro Table Quiz and (weather depending) observing.